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Superhouse - Passive House Construction in Foxford, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Superhouse have been involved in building passive houses in Ireland since 2006. Passive houses allow your lifestyle and comfort to go up whilst your bills come down. There’s no rocket science, no big manuals and no big bills. In fact our power plus house allows you to charge your electric family car for next to nothing using PV panels in the house. Your Super House quietly looks after you and your family for year after year. We at Superhouse have simplified the day to day operating and control of a passive home. Controlling heat recovery, ventilation and solar systems is done season to season rather then day to day meaning you spend as little as thirty minutes a year on control settings.

What is a Passive House?

The term passive house refers to the rigorous, voluntary, Passivhaus standard for energy efficiency in a building. This voluntary standard was developed in Germany and is now commonly used all over Europe, resulting in an ultra-low energy home that requires little energy for space heating or cooling, 90% lower then an average home. There are six main rules to building a passive house:

Renewable Energy Sources – Solar Panels, Water, Thermal, PV and other renewable sources.
Excellent Draught Proofing – The house has so few gaps and holes that almost no air can enter the house other than through the carefully controlled heat recovery ventilation system.
Passive Solar Gain – Carefully planned and placed windows means the sun will warm the house naturally.

Heat Recovery and Ventilation – This captures all the heat usually lost from air leakage, open vents, chimneys etc. Low Energy Appliances – The Most energy efficient appliances can dramatically reduce your energy consumption ie. Washing machines with a hot water intake.
Super Insulation – Ensuring excellent heat retention within the building.

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